Enrolling as a Transfer Student

Find information and who to contact with your transfer questions! Fox Valley Lutheran High School welcomes transfer students! Special efforts are made to assist in their adjustment to their new school setting. School counselors and teachers strive to help make the adjustment quick and easy as students discover new friends and new interests. Athletes transferring from area high schools are reminded that WIAA Rules apply to all transfers. For further information, contact Activities Director Shawn Hill at shill@fvlhs.org

School Begins at 7:55 in 2018-19

The FVL Board of Regents decided to begin the school day at 7:55 am for the 2018-19 school year. Although ending the school day at 3:20 pm was preferred by the majority of parents and students, the board had to consider that each year, there are nearly 50 school days on which students are dismissed early for co-curricular events. We pray all our families are able to transition smoothly to this schedule.

No Printed Summer Newsletter

This summer FVL is discontinuing its July print newsletter. To keep track of important news, use the FVL News App, our website, and your weekly Flashmails throughout June, July and August. In addition, parents will receive a monthly email from FVL's Skyward Message Center that recaps needed info. The last scheduled Flashmail for this school year will be 5/22. Watch for issues 6/5, 6/19, 6/26 and every Tuesday between 7/10 and the start of the school year.