Teens Involved in Vaping/Juuling (emailed 11-16-18)

Written on 11/16/2018
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

Dear FVL Parents,

A recent study from the FDA shows that the use of e-cigarettes, Juuls, and vaping devices are up 80% among teens compared to just one year ago. (Those of you who had students at FVL last year might recall Mr. Granberg's February 15 email about juuling).  Studies show that teens don't understand the health risks, or they minimize them.  Our teens here at FVL are facing temptations just like everywhere else. We ask that you please talk to your child(ren) about the dangers of vaping, the health risks, and the legal risks. In Appleton a teen with a vaping device can be fined $200.50.  We work closely with our School Resource Officer from the Appleton Police Department, and we are utilizing his services when dealing with this on our campus.  We want a "clean" campus, and we work very hard to make that happen.  But, even moreso, we care about the health and well-being of your children/our students.

Here is an article on Teen Vaping that can help with your education on this topic. There are many articles you can find online by just typing “teen vaping” into your search field.  We're trying to keep up with this at school, so we like to pass along helpful information to parents as well.

This morning after chapel I gave a brief talk to our students about the dangers of vaping. We have had some instances of vaping this year on campus. The purpose of my talk was to encourage our students first of all to resist the temptation to vape; and secondly, to encourage them to support one another when faced with temptations.  I also shared the legal ramifications to them.  We appreciate the opportunity we have to partner with you to help our young people make good decisions in a sin-filled world. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. You are all in our prayers.

Have a blessed day!

Jeff Uhlenbrauck, Assistant Principal

Fox Valley Lutheran High School