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Student Laptops

Written on 07/19/2018
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

  • All students receive a Lenovo Yoga Laptop to use during the school year. The laptop must be in a case when not in use.
  • Students have the option to either purchase a case from FVL on Orientation Day (available for $20 each) or from another source. Cases from FVL will be sold on a first-cime, first served basis. If more cases need to be ordered, temporary cases will be provided until additional cases arrive (also $20 each). 
  • Students using a case purchased through FVL will receive a waiver for their first $50 damage deductible. This waiver extends to students using recycled cases from former FVL students. 
  • International students do not need to purchase a case; it is provided as part of their international tuition fees. Questions? Contact Alan Nolte