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April 11 Building Update

Written on 04/11/2018
Fox Valley Lutheran HS

The construction on the Let the Children Come building project moved smoothly over Spring Break and Easter weekend with no students in the building. This allowed the team to catch up on the two-week delay at the beginning of the project due to weather. However, the weather last week took us a bit off track due to the weather, as they were unable to get concrete floors in. We are confident we will be able to catch up once the weather gets a little warmer.

Thanks to everyone who has given a gift, made a pledge and/or said a prayer for this project! As of now, we have just over $117K in the bank and another $111K in pledges. Yes, a long way from the $1M we must have in the bank by September 1, but to know that the Lord has blessed us with this much in a short amount of time is quite phenomenal!

Giving Wednesday is today, April 11! Gifts can be made via our online donation portal or via text-to-give, both of which are described at

Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we move forward with this project!