Giving Wednesday Thank You!

Giving Wednesday yielded generous donations for FVL's Let the Children Come building project! FVL's first-ever Giving Day was on Wednesday, April 11. The focus was the "Let the Children Come" building expansion effort which has important deadlines coming by the end of August. Donations for the day were $81,689.73. That amount was matched, bringing the grand total for the day to $163,379.46.

April 11 Building Update

An update on the construction from FVL's Director of Operations, Martha Baldwin. The construction on the Let the Children Come building project moved smoothly over Spring Break and Easter weekend with no students in the building. This allowed the team to catch up on the two-week delay at the beginning of the project due to weather. However, the weather last week took us a bit off track due to the weather, as they were unable to get concrete floors in. We are confident we will be able to catch up once the weather gets a little warmer.

March Leadership Board - FVL Construction Cohort

The FVL Construction Cohort is featured on this month's leadership board! Not only is the Let the Children Come building expansion a blessing for future FVL students, but it also provides a unique learning opportunity for current students.

News Release

The General Board of Fox Valley Lutheran High School met on the evening of September 26 and approved a building expansion proposal not to exceed $5.6 million dollars. This proposal was brought to the delegates of the 43 FVL Federation churches that own and operate the high school by the FVL Board of Regents. This move was necessitated by the growing enrollment at the high school which looks to climb to 700 over the next five years. Current enrollment is 618, with projections for next year that could push enrollment over the 650 mark.